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Sleep Associations

The way a baby drifts to sleep is how they understand sleep. Whatever experience they have had, is what they learn to expect, or what they associate with going to sleep or drifting back to sleep between sleep cycles. There are two types of sleep associations – dependent and independent, and both...


How Can I Tell if a Baby is Tired?

How do I know when a baby in my care is tired? This is the age old question. Babies settle to sleep better if they are not overtired. Rather than watching the clock, it’s important to look and listen for signs that a baby is tired. Look out for these tired signs: Glazed eyes or long blank...


How Much Sleep do Babies and Toddlers need?

Routines won’t work for all children however creating a gentle pattern can assist with establishing infant sleep. Watching a baby’s cues, working out why they are crying and providing a predictable routine can help to make bedtime a positive experience. There is no absolute norm when it comes to...


Sleep Cycles Defined

What is a Sleep Cycle? How is this different for babies and toddlers?The two sleep states as it relates to baby and toddler sleep cycles are called Non REM (Non Rapid Eye Movement) or Deep or Quiet Sleep REM (Rapid Eye Movement) or Light or Active sleep. When a baby or toddler is in quiet...


Safe Sleep & Settling

As childhood educators, we know that it is so important to understand and follow safe sleeping guidelines for children in our care. SIDS and SUDI explained You may be familiar with the term SIDS but less familiar with the term SUDI - Sudden and Unexpected Death in Infancy. SUDI does not...